Frequently Asked Questions

1.Handling common activation failures

1.1. MT4 loading failure:

DLL is not checked

Solution: Click Tools-Options-EA Trading-DLL above the trading software and check to reload the Sky Eye Shield script.

2.Bind other cloud hosts

As shown below, it means that the account is bound to other cloud hosts and needs to be bound with a new real account or bound to the cloud host before logging out. (The bound cloud host IP is in the red box)

3.The trading account is a demo account

(1100010 Demo Account is not available)

As shown below, it means that binding with real account is required, and demo account does not support binding.

4.Too many transactions

The user narrows the time range in the account history to this month or this week, and then reactivates the Sky Eye Shield.

5.User information not obtained

The following is displayed, indicating that the user information data has not been imported into the software directory.

Solution: In the MT4 terminal, select the EA or Log tab page, select any line of log content, and right-click to select

Open, as shown in the figure:

Then find the corresponding MQL4\Files directory, such as:

After entering the directory, check whether there is

this file. If the file exists, check the file size. like

If it displays 0Kb, it indicates an exception. Normal files can be imported manually.

Import method: Open the Sky Eye Shield software directory, select the Sky Eye Shield software icon on the desktop, right-click and select the

Just copy (overwrite) the file to the directory above. After the import is successful, reload the Sky Eye Shield script.


6.1. The cloud host must meet all renewal conditions before it can be used normally, otherwise it will be withdrawn. Newly purchased cloud hosts must meet renewal conditions within 7 days.

6.2. The renewal conditions are to bind a real trading account (the exclusive cloud host must be bound to at least one exclusive trader account) and conduct a transaction on the cloud host once a month. The 1-yuan cloud host and the 45-yuan cloud host can be renewed only if the renewal conditions are met. The free exclusive cloud host will be automatically renewed for free when the renewal conditions are met.

6.3. Inquiry channels for renewal conditions

Open the Forex Sky Eye APP, click "Me", "My VPS", and then click "Renew Now" to view.

If the renewal fee is not satisfied, please bind your MT4/MT5 trading account and complete a transaction

7.Open more accounts

Right click on MT4 or MT5 and open the file location

Click here to return to the previous path

Copy the entire MT4 or MT5 folder to the desktop

Open file on desktop

Open the copied MT4 folder, create an application shortcut, and send it to the desktop.

You can open new trading software through a shortcut on the desktop, log in to another account, and open multiple accounts.

8.Sky Eye Shield Software Instructions

Introduction to the Sky Eye Shield:

The world's first and only high-tech software product that can monitor foreign exchange trading account information in real time, making hidden costs nowhere to hide.

8.1. Realize the interconnection between VPS and APP, and you can view transaction information in real time through the APP.

8.2. Monitor account information in real time to ensure the safety of your transactions.

8.3. Use big data mining and neural network technology to detect hidden transaction costs and diagnose the trading environment in real time

The Sky Eye Shield software starts randomly and logs in automatically. After successful login, it can be seen in the system tray in the lower right corner of the VPS.

Sky Eye Shield software desktop icon:

Sky Eye Shield software interface:

In the list of traders displayed by Tianyan Shield, if the status is "running", it means that the account's Tianyan Shield script has been loaded normally. If the status is "stopped", it means that the account's Wikifxdefense Tianyan Shield script is not currently loaded and needs to be checked in time and Loaded correctly.

Currently cTrader accounts will not appear in the list.

If the Sky Eye Shield is loaded successfully, the APP displays normally but the interface display stops, which does not affect normal use. The final display shall be subject to the APP display.